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January is the time for many to get organized and this also means getting financial records and accounting files together to make room for 2014 and to gather your information for your 2013 tax return filing. The question is Muret CPA Logo what do you need to keep and what can be discarded? Just what records do you need this year to file? Muret CPA has put together a series of tax organizer documents to help you understand and answer that question. These tax organizers can be filled out and submitted to us with the listed necessary documents attached. You can download our tax organizers and brochures here Muret CPA Tax Organizers Once we receive it, we will review it with you and then prepare your tax return. We will call you with any questions and set a conference date if necessary in order to complete your return. Normally returns are completed within one week. If you need clarification on any question, please call 918-301-1100.

Our Approach:

Our mission is to provide superior professional CPA services to our clients that adds value to them by minimizing taxes and increasing efficiency. Additionally, we provide business consulting services to enhance the profitability of small to medium size businesses.

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